1. No Minors! You must be 18 or older to enter. No pretending to be a minor. Anyone claiming to be under 18 will be banned.
  2. Please choose an appropriate name. Names that suggest underage, bestiality, scat, incest or contain family references will be booted or banned. (examples: “son4mom”, “mom of 2”, “dad of hot daughter”, "Bob14")
  3. Image posting is allowed as is wearing Avatars, however these types of images/Avatars will not be permitted:
    • Underage: No underage images of any kind will be tolerated. Anyone posting underage images will be banned and their information reported to relevant authorities. These images include those that are:
      1. Nude images that are underage
      2. Clothed/semi clothed images that are underage
      3. Images that maybe of an adult but look like underage
    • Incest: Anyone posting images that suggest or depict incest will be booted.
    • Bestiality: Anyone posting images that suggest or depict bestiality will be booted.
    • Scat: Anyone posting scat images will be booted.
  4. No disruptive behaviors, this includes harassing, stalking and bullying other chatters. We’re all adults here, if you have a disagreement with someone or don’t like someone then ignore them.
  5. No discriminatory statements or posting of such images. This includes discrimination based on religion, race, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender.
  6. No spamming/flooding the rooms with the same message or image.
  7. No impersonating/imping, i.e., using another chatter’s name/avatar.
  8. No disclosing of other people’s personal information.